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Dr.Saurabh Dave 

(Vice Chairman) 


Dean student startup and incubation centre
Head -Ganpat University Incubation Centre
Program Manager – Google Learning Centre of Excellence Ganpat University
Startup Policy Maker & Mentor, Data Scientist & Researcher

Prof Saurabh Dave is Head of Ganpat University Incubation Centre Since January, 2015. Prior to taking over as Head, Prof. Dave has served as Program Coordinator and Research Coordinator at Faculty of Computer Applications – Ganpat University for 7 years; and also serving as Program Manager – Google Learning Centre of Excellence Ganpat University of the University from March 2016 and it only centre of excellence in the world with Google.
Prof Saurabh Dave is a Professor with the Faculty of Computer Applications. He is Ph.D in data scientist in the field of Business Intelligence and designing Data Model for large data resources. He has closely works with various government and non – government data agency for business process engineering. He has also worked as Research Coordinator and supported 20+ researcher to carry their research work at FCA – Ganpat University.

Prof Dave has been with Ganpat Vidyanagar since 2008 and worked with various leading positions and implemented various emerging division at Ganpat University. At Ganpat University Incubation Centre, Prof Dave and his team has implemented policy for incubation activity to support start ups at Ganpat University at various level. Currently he is mentoring 15+ start-ups at Incubation centre and 36 ideate start-ups . Prof Dave has raised almost 3.5 crore + free fund for startups working at various level like shishu, kishor & tarun. Prof Dave and Team is also raising private fund to support their startups at various level and currently raising 3+ crore for their start-ups.

He is also a convener of startups talk series the world of startup at Ganpat University which provide platform to startups at various level.


Dr.Jitendra Adhia 



Internationally acclaimed Mind Trainer with 25 years of experience in training industry. Have delivered lectures in more than 30 Countries & cities like Dubai, Japan, U.S.A, South Africa, Kuwait, Jakarta, Singapore, Tokyo, London, New York, Hong Kong, Antwerp, China, Shanghai, Taipei, Johannesburg, Bangkok, Guangzhou (China), Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Maria, Raleigh, Dallas, Nairobi, Lusaka, Kampala, Rome, Stuttgart, Almaty (Kazakhstan) etc... Have been interviewed by many national and international media.

International Bestselling Author and have written more than 45 books. His Book “Prerna Nu Zharnu” or “Spring of inspiration” has sold more than 1 Million Copies. It has been translated in more than 11 languages including Chinese. Founder of Mind training Institute, First Trainer who can also fly Airplane, First trainer to start Train The Trainer program in India, He hase trained more than 400 trainers. TEDX speaker

He has been Awarded as Gnati Ratna Award by Lohana Maha Parishad and NRI Setu Ratna Award. Global Ambassador of Life Blood Centre Foundation presided by Mrs. JAYA BACHCHAN


Sandip Gajjar 



His solution providing knack is not restricted to one technique. Business coach, motivational speaker, author and passionate management trainer are some of the hats he wears from time to time. His more than two decades of experience in corporate sales and training, empower him with deep insight and excellence that are hard to compete. Several companies have quadrupled their revenue through his training sessions.
Their seminars have also helped them to confidently deal with day-to-day business challenges. To add to this, his workshops on leadership, growth strategy and business networking have furthered small and medium sized firms as well as corporate houses.

Mr. Gajjar as a solutionist is beyond consulting. This is because there is no organization which has not benefitted from his advice.
Enterprises from healthcare, finance, F&B, construction, retail and companies from various other sectors have experienced revolutionization.

His quick understanding of business models and problem areas makes him a popular customized troubleshooter. Meet him for a one to one solution and see the complication unfold into result. Once onboard, leave all your business concerns to him and sail through the suggested route. Sales, marketing, strategy, new market penetration, export, employee restructuring, smoothening of business operations, all this and more is just a step away from you. Currently, Mr. Gajjar is the consulting CEO of Snehworld and is mentoring the business genius programme. In just six months participants have seen substantial growth.


Yogendra Singh Rathore 

(VP of Marketing & Content) 

He is one of India's youngest and leading multi-millionaire celebrity success coach, Award winning Social Media strategist, and internationally acclaimed Brain Expert.
He is the author of the Amazon No.1 best seller book- 'Secrets Of The Limitless Mind” and Awaken The Great Potential Of Memory And Will-Power.
He has shared stage and rubbed shoulders with big celebrities like
Karan Johar (Bollywood producer)
Bipasha Basu ( Actress)
Mahesh Bhatt (Bollywood director and producer).
Sir lan Botham (cricket legend)
Sudeep Nagarkar (Bestselling novelist of India),
Poonam Mahajan (MP, Mumbai),
Parthiv Patel (Cricketer), and many more.

He is one of the brand ambassadors of one of the topmost NGO of Ahmedabad- "YUVA-UNSTOPPABLE'. He has been awarded with YUVA gratitude award in IIM Ahmedabad by Rakyesh Omprakash Mehra (Bollywood Director Et producer).

He was the brand ambassador of the Gujarat knowledge series campaign initiated by Divya-bhaskar of Bhaskar group which is the most read newspaper of India.

At a very young age of 27 years his short biography was published in one of the leading international e-magazine of India- (UeMAG(inspiration unlimited e-magazine) along with great Boxer MARRY KOM. IUEMAG has readers in more than 95 countries.
He has appeared on MCN news channel. He has been interviewed by DNA, Navbharat Times, Divya Bhaskar, Dainik sakal et cetera. and received second YUVA- GRATUTUDE award for social contribution by the legend of cricket- Sir IAN BOTHAM. In past, this award has been given to heads of JP Morgan, Asian Paints, Microsoft, Torrent, Coca-Cola etc.
Also he is one of the most followed Life coach of India on Instagram and Facebook. He has following in more than 15 countries. He has experience of 13 years in coaching industry and has trained and touched lives of 2 Million people.


Darshan Somaiya 

(VP of Branding) 


He is one of India's Leading Millionaire Mentor, Entrepreneur, Author, and Business Coach. He has touched more than 2 million lives in the last decade. He has many accolades under his name.

He is a certified NLP coach, Behaviour Therapist, and Brand Analyst. He has created more than 250 influential trainers and coaches in the last 3 years. In case if you want to know more about me, click on the Instagram icon below & Follow my 10 years of the journey (2009-present) by visiting the Facebook page below Popularly known as INDIA'S OWN MILLIONAIREMENTOR
He is a social media sensation with more than 1.5 lakh followers on Instagram. He has been approached and admired by big leaders like GARY VAYNERCHUK (INVESTOR IN SNAP CHAT, UBER, AND TWITTER) and the real estate king GRANT CARDONE Awarded most influential Wealth Mentor 2019 by India excellence awards and He has also appeared on ZEE BUSINESS news channel


Mehul Patel 

(VP of Technology) 


During his aircraft maintenance engineering he had developed a taste in TechEnabled products in his college computer lab, After learning deep programming, user acquisition and team setup he developed & co- launched many startups in education.
He is an executive with a passion for solving critical problems through the use of technology.
In his role, Mehul takes responsibility for all of GuniGuru's advanced technologies and drives the technical direction of the company. He leads and supervises GuniGuru's technology & R&D team.

Mehul is also FotonVR's vice president of technology. He oversees the development of VR products and softwares. His teams are responsible for building the software at the heart of FotonVR’s innovative products, including the apps, portals, servers and world most advanced VR Content delivery Network.  
He also served as chief technology officer at kachhua. Where he developed technical aspects of the company’s strategy to ensure alignment with its business goals and also discover and implement new technologies that yield competitive advantage.  
His passion is for solving critical problems, and bringing emerging technology in education. He likes to study subjects like Robotics, AI and Evolution when he is free.


Dhaval Sonpal 

(VP of Production) 


At GuniGuru dhaval sees production of content development of various trainers. He is responsible for quality & production of videos.
Dhaval Sonpara is also Vice president of finance at fotonvr. He oversees financial planning, cost management, accounting Including supporting legal documentation. He also directs the VR content development team. Dhaval is a commerce graduate from Gujarat University. Before joining FotonVR, He was a co-founder of an education institute. Beyond the work, Dhaval loves to read books, enjoy gardening, and listen to music.


Dhruv Gajjar 

(Manager Trainer) 

A Mechanical Engineering final year student who is also an aspiring Trainer, Coach & Optimizer.
Apart from the usual academic studies he has also done many extracurricular studies and activities that has made him competent and capable in several domains.


Akshay Patel 

(Head of Operations) 


He has completed MBA in Finance and pursuing PHP in management, He is handling startup activities in the incubation center at Ganpat University. He is also managing operations at gunigru.