10 Steps to heal yourself using the power of mind

Last updated on 2023-03-21 11:12:48

Successful people create their own reality by using their minds wisely. They truly believe they can achieve whatever they desired to achieve.  But the question is how someone can have that kind of mind power? What are the ways to acquire that kind of steel strong power of mental energy in one’s self?  Here are some of the aspects that Dr. Jitendra Adhia has developed that will certainly go to help you to achieve that sort of mind power. 

  1. Decide to be healthy and remain healthy 

You must have healthy eating along with certain habits that will help you to function your body effectively. You must intake a healthy diet along with having a regular exercise schedule in favor to achieve that state because to achieve the mind power one wants to have, one must be healthy first.

  1. Complete the forgiveness process. 

Nothing beats the inner peace, our energy than grudges do. It literally eats us from within. Have a forgiving attitude towards people who even were worst to you.  And Leave it to Karma. Because Karma spares no one.  You just focus on forgiving and you’ll feel how great it is. From within. It will make our mind calmer and eventually helps us to focus on important things. 

  1. Make a health vision board 

Dr. Jitendra Adhia one of the prominent self-help Guru has created a health vision video in one of those courses of Guni Guru. Try that out and adapt to your lifestyle and you will realize how beneficial that can be in your daily life. 

  1. Decide what part of your body needs healing. Target that part. 

We all are emotionally wrecked.  We may have different reasons but we all have that sadness in us. That wants to be healed. Nevertheless, the thing is you can’t heal that sadness unless you acknowledge it in the first place.  Because how would you heal something if you don’t know what to heal? 

  1. Make appropriate affirmation of that process 

Unless there is no affirmation, forget about healing.  It’s the only time you would learn how your thoughts travel, makes you overthink, and how imbalance your emotions, and eventually make you sad. 

  1. Do the healing process 

It’s the only time when you have affirmed that part, the sad one, you can go for the healing. But how does that happen? Countless techniques have been developed by Dr. Jitendra Adhia in his course. Go to https://guniguru.com and opt-out for that course to make the healing effect.

  1. Live life full of laughter 

There is a saying that A day without laughter is a day wasted. You must run the day while being sad. Laughter clubs, Jokes with friends there are numerous videos have been available on YouTube that will certainly make you laugh and make your day joyful. 

  1. Pray to your higher authority (God) regularly 

There is no way we must forget our higher authority. Who made us. We breathe and live because of that higher authority. Praying is the most fundamental aspect of living and it should not be forgotten. Never miss praying. Never forget who made our minds have a great mind power. 

  1. Help the poor and needy 

No act of kindness is being wasted.  Be kind to everyone you meet and be helpful to people who are in need.  If nature has blessed you with so much then you must give it back to it as well. It’s all about how the universal flow of energy works. 

  1. Start living a healthy lifestyle. Be strict in following it. No compromise with health. 

Compromising your health means compromising your mindset.  If there is no stable mindset, do not even think about great mind power.  Be careful about what you eat, and how much you eat, and never ever skip the exercise sessions. It is the only way to achieve a great mind management. 


These were some of the great tips that will certainly help you achieve a steel strong mind management.  Observe, apply and later achieve something that no usual mind can achieve. May the force be with you and leads you to astounding mind power and later a brilliant life.