16 Types Of Unnecessary fears That Stops Your Success

Last updated on 2022-03-15 05:21:51

Fear is one of the very strong negative emotions that affect our minds thoroughly. Fear can last a short time and it will pass but it can also last longer than you think if you are stuck with them. In some cases, it will take over your life, blocking enjoyment in everyday activities like eating, sleeping, traveling, leaving the house, or going to work, eventually affecting your health. Here are some of the unnecessary fears that affect our lives.

1. Fear of failure.
This is also sometimes referred to as atychiphobia. It is an irrational and persistent fear of failing. This fear might result in a specific negative situation. In other cases, it will result in anxiety and depression.

2. Fear of rejection
Either a job interview or expressing feelings towards someone you have a deep affection for or imagining the future scenarios, This fear rips us apart before actually rejection happens and makes us unhappy. Eventually.

3. Fear of judgment
It is the fact that at some point in our lives, we are going to be judged. We are all open to being negatively affected by something or someone says or does. It can be hurtful, making us feel vulnerable and paranoid about being judged in the future as well.

4. Fear of success
Anticipating how people around you will react to your triumph. This fear can be also referred to as success anxiety or a success phobia. Whatever you choose to call it, it affects life in a very negative way.

5. Fear of commitment
Scientifically termed as “Gamophobia” It unstable our emotions and can be the prime reason for losing the vulnerable relationship. Commitment is a broad term, But it generally comes down to dedicating yourself to something for the long term. Be it a job, city, goal, or relationship.

6. Fear of shame
Its a very painful feeling that we experience one time or another. It often involves deep-rooted fear that someone is going to find out about mistakes we made or a character flaw we have. Shame leads to isolation and suffering

7. Fear of change
In life, there are no certainties, guarantees, but one thing is constant that is the same for all of us, is change is constant. Sometimes it can be scary and very draining but we must adapt to the change and not creep deep inside us.

8. Fear of disappointment
Setting the goal far more than the abilities and skills that we possess often leads us to this fear. Failure, disappointment is part of the process. Remember to overcome that and just keep going.

9. Fear of poverty
Whenever someone becomes successful and makes lots of money, this fear indirectly hits them and reminds them about the days when they had nothing. This fear later takes them to the darker places and makes them helpless too.

10. Fear of being wrong
The obsessive fear of imperfection leads us to a very draining mental state. People who suffer from these conditions tend to avoid their chances as they feel it will lead them to be wrong. It often leads to anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.

11. Fear of public speaking
Fear of public speaking phobia is extremely common and said to be affecting almost 75% world population. Some individuals may feel slight nervousness at the very thought of public speaking, while others experience panic and fear.

12. Fear of being unloved
People tend to feel this fear when they get heartbroken or may never find love again in their lives. People who are suffering from this fear need other people around in order to feel safe.

13. Fear of Loneliness
Commonly known as monophobia, this fear is not necessary or a realistic one. People facing these fears feel harder to get out of the state as they constantly feel they will forever be alone and would never find happiness in their life again.

14. Fear Of Unknown
Psychologically known as “xenophobia”. In modern usage, this fear is also known as the fear of foreigners, strangers. However, the actual meaning of this fear is much larger. It includes everything that is unknown.

15. Fear Of Phobia

It is also known as phobophobia. Some people living with this can have multiple fears. While others are afraid that they might develop one. It can cause anxiety too.

16. Fear Of Death
It can be also referred to as the fear of death or the process of dying. It is natural for someone who is at old age. It also can be experienced when someone loses their family member or dear ones and feel they will experience the same in the nearest future.

These were some of the fears that we face in our lives, which eventually make us more vulnerable, insecure, and eventually resist us to lead life to success. Try the exclusive learning about overcoming these fears in our daily life and find your ways to become successful By Yogendra Singh Rathore and unravel the mystery behind secrets to success.