7 Chakra - Energy Healing

7 Chakra Healing Course has Detail Understanding of All 7 Major Chakra and connected Guided meditation with its Music Frequency to Heal & Balance your Chakra. This course will enable you to understand Basics of energy Healing.
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11 Modules • 18 Lectures
Total Length : 02:18:53

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7 Chakra - Energy Healing by Hardi Luhar

Course outcome

7 Chakra are the First thing to know if you are curious about Energy Healing and How it works.

This course is Designed to clear concept of Energy Healing and Meditations are given to Heal your chakra at the same time to Balance your Body & Mind.

7 chakra healing course will become base of your knowledge in the field of energy healing if you wish to Learn any Healing Modality.

This will Give :

  • Detailed Understanding of 7 Chakra
  • Sanskrit Name, color, Mantra, Elements , Connected Crystals and Vibration of it.
  • Physical, Emotional and challenges in life when Chakra get Disturbed.
  • Guided Meditation Of Chakra for Self Healing
  • Gratitude Meditation & Forgiveness meditation for Heart Chakra Healing.


11 Modules • 18 Lectures • Total Length : 02:18:53
Introduction 1 Lectures • 00:01:04

This course Includes

  • Duration : 02:18:53
  • Certificate of Completion

Advice from trainer

  • Try to Study One Chakra daily and Practice connected meditation.
  • Repeat Meditation if you feel the need for yourself.
  • Get Crystals for Connected Chakra and Use it.
  • Do forgiveness meditation and Gratitude Meditation once in a week.
  • Try to Get Silent Place for Meditation or Use Headphone.
  • if you want to work on particular chakra then work on that chakra for 21 days continuous.


7 Chakra are main Major Energy centers in the Human Body and they are connected with Different areas of life.

7 chakra healing is Designed to give Detailed Understanding of Spiritual Healing. How Chakra is connected in the life, Health , Emotions and Physical realities.

Chakra Science is base of All spiritual Healing modalities and Spiritual science. and can be your first bas if you are making career in Spiritual Healing modalities.

Chakra can be healed with Mantra , Color, Music Frequency, Meditation, Affirmation, Crystals, and Natural Healing ways are also there. and we have tried to give basic understanding of all of that in the course.

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3.9 Course Rating



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Avaiya Princy

1 year ago

excellent,course hai,thank you very much mem.


1 year ago

Good experience

Rajesh Kumar

1 year ago



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  • Duration: 02:18:53
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