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Fail To Win by Dinesh Patel
$ 13.00

Life Changing , Solution Oriented Course with Simple Tips & Formulas.
It will Guranteec, Help You Over Come challenges, obstacles, Failures and Convert into Opportunities.

by Dinesh Patel

4.5 (2)

7 Sections • 8 Lectures • 02:13:03 total length

Art of Public Speaking by Ansh Bidlan
$ 8.00

This course gives you a reliable model for preparing and delivering effective presentations.

In business, in school, and in public life, we are often called upon to “make a few comments.” Often, people tasked with such speeches become flummoxed.

by Ansh Bidlan

4.6 (3)

15 Sections • 15 Lectures • 00:44:16 total length

Communication Skill Mastery by Ansh Bidlan
$ 79.99

This course for build your Communication skill
Relationship building
Attraction marketing
Creat Powerful influence
Team management

by Ansh Bidlan

No Review

30 Sections • 30 Lectures • 03:15:41 total length

75+ Classes

From the masters

20 Lessons

Avarage per Class

10 Minutes

Avarage per lesson

Life Re Engineering by Sanjay Prrem
$ 32.00

Life Re Engineering is the program that gives you the knowledge of a healthy body, healthy mind and a healthy soul. It teaches you the way to become the king of your life.

by Sanjay Prrem

No Review

28 Sections • 29 Lectures • 05:20:47 total length

The Secrets of Time Management by Dr  CA Umang Ratani
$ 22.99

The Secrets of Time Management -How to work less and achieve more.

Work smarter and not harder.

Know these secrets, work on it and your life will be changed for ever.

by Dr CA Umang Ratani

No Review

4 Sections • 18 Lectures • 01:12:03 total length

Mind Power Workshop by Dr. Jitendra Adhia
$ 139.00

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind is a spiritual self-help classic, which teaches you how to use visualization and other suggestion techniques to adapt your unconscious behavior in positive ways.

by Dr. Jitendra Adhia

4.9 (30)

9 Sections • 125 Lectures • 08:31:55 total length

પ્રેરણાનું ઝરણું - Prerana nu Zaranu by Dr. Jitendra Adhia
$ 45.99

Prerananu Zaranu
તમારા મનની શક્તિઓને ઓળખો અને તેના ઉપયોગથી તમારા સપનાઓને સાકાર કરો

by Dr. Jitendra Adhia

4.6 (49)

1 Sections • 21 Lectures • 02:47:45 total length

Visualisation Workshop - Hindi by Dr. Jitendra Adhia
$ 22.99

A complete knowledge of Visualisation

by Dr. Jitendra Adhia

5.0 (9)

1 Sections • 33 Lectures • 03:07:45 total length

Yoga for Menopause by DAMINI LILANI
$ 22.99

Yoga for menopause can:
Relieve menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes, joint and muscle aches. Release physical stress and tension. Balance your moods and emotions , can reduce anxiety low mood .


No Review

53 Sections • 161 Lectures • 11:28:11 total length

Breakthrough Communication System by Navneet
$ 10.99

This course would help Professionals and To Be Professionals to communicate coherently and with ease.

by Navneet

5.0 (1)

4 Sections • 5 Lectures • 00:51:43 total length

Hypnotism by Mishal
$ 14.99

The Hypnotism Course is a comprehensive program designed to introduce participants to the principles, techniques, and applications of hypnotism. This course is aimed at individuals interested in learning about the power of the mind.

by Mishal

5.0 (1)

13 Sections • 37 Lectures • 05:05:57 total length

Change your Life by Transactional Analysis by Dr. Hir Patel
$ 45.00

Transactional analysis is the science of human behaviour

by Dr. Hir Patel

No Review

8 Sections • 8 Lectures • 00:34:31 total length

The Art of Self Hypnosis For Beginners by Chirag Patel
$ 17.99

Don't settle for temporary fixes or costly endeavors that fall short. Embrace the transformation you've been longing for. Try self-hypnosis video course today and unlock the door to a brighter, more fulfilled future

by Chirag Patel

4.8 (4)

6 Sections • 6 Lectures • 01:21:38 total length

10 X Multi Millionare Holistic Life by Darshan Somaiya
$ 22.99

Do you know how to set goals? How often
do you achieve the large objectives that
are really important to you? If you’re
having trouble following through with your
goal planning, you may be tempted to just
stop tryinnare Holistic Life

by Darshan Somaiya

No Review

11 Sections • 18 Lectures • 03:10:11 total length

Unlock Your Brain's Potential: Brain Activation Course to 10x Your Brain Power by Er. Pardeep Kumar
$ 54.99

The Brain Activation Course is a Life Changing program designed to unleash the full potential of your brain and enhance your cognitive abilities. Through a series of scientifically proven techniques and engaging activities, you will embark on a journ

by Er. Pardeep Kumar

No Review

12 Sections • 12 Lectures • 02:05:17 total length

Personality Development by Manoj Bhatt
$ 77.00

Your personality is the key you need to focus on if you want to thrive in today's world; personality is your resume for the job. To make it truly effective and significant, be sure of this. Your work will advance as soon as your personality does.

by Manoj Bhatt

No Review

44 Sections • 43 Lectures • 06:23:58 total length

Chakra Balancing Workshop by Dr. Jitendra Adhia
$ 10.99

We have Physical Body and Energy Body. Physical Body can be seen but Energy Body is invisible. Energy Body consist of Nadis, Chakras and Aura. This energy Body affects the quality of our Life.

by Dr. Jitendra Adhia

3.6 (3)

1 Sections • 14 Lectures • 01:44:10 total length

Change Your Life With Transaction Analysis by CA. Sanket Jain
$ 84.00

It is all about knowing the origin of our behaviour, its pattern how to handle it.

by CA. Sanket Jain

3.5 (1)

8 Sections • 8 Lectures • 00:50:08 total length

Awaken The Power Within by Narendar
$ 40.00

A life-changing program that will help you unlock the full potential of your mind and unleash the power within you. This workshop has helped thousands of people like you to transform their lives and achieve success in all areas, from personal to prof

by Narendar

No Review

24 Sections • 24 Lectures • 02:26:26 total length

$ 119.00

Mind Mastery for Financial Abundance is a digital course that helps learners develop a success mindset and improve their financial situation. The course covers effective money strategies, tapping into the power of master your mind & become A NEW RICH


No Review

11 Sections • 21 Lectures • 03:29:20 total length