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Resin Art by Prerana    Vekariya
$ 17.00

Resin art is a unique style painting unique material where you do not use typical brushes or acrylic paints. It is considered advanced painting for the new age creative crowd. Coasters, frames, keychains, hair accessories, paperweights, tabletop.

by Prerana Vekariya

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8 Sections • 13 Lectures • 01:01:02 total length

Time To Win & The Time is Now by Richa Maheshwari
$ 17.99

This Time Management course is designed to help you plan your schedule effectively. It will discuss time management and dividing your time between various tasks.

by Richa Maheshwari

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6 Sections • 17 Lectures • 01:47:38 total length

Communication Skill Mastery by Ansh Bidlan
$ 79.99

This course for build your Communication skill
Relationship building
Attraction marketing
Creat Powerful influence
Team management

by Ansh Bidlan

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30 Sections • 30 Lectures • 03:15:41 total length

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From the masters

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The Secrets of Time Management by Dr  CA Umang Ratani
$ 14.99

The Secrets of Time Management -How to work less and achieve more.

Work smarter and not harder.

Know these secrets, work on it and your life will be changed for ever.

by Dr CA Umang Ratani

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4 Sections • 18 Lectures • 01:12:03 total length

Service Multiplier by Santosh Nair
$ 32.00

Here You will know How Exactly Service Multiplier Works
All Your Questions will be cleared after watching the course

by Santosh Nair

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1 Sections • 24 Lectures • 03:51:40 total length

Mastering Interview Skills by Richa Maheshwari
$ 17.00

The specialization course on ‘Mastering Interview skills’ is your one-stop solution to preparing for an Interview and ensuring your success in it. This course helps you master the skills and techniques needed in an interview.

by Richa Maheshwari

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8 Sections • 23 Lectures • 02:06:08 total length

Habit of Going Extra Mile - Hindi by Dr. Jitendra Adhia
$ 22.99

It will teach you the meaning of Extra Mile and benefits of developing this Habit of Going Extra Mile

by Dr. Jitendra Adhia

4.3 (12)

1 Sections • 9 Lectures • 00:55:50 total length

$ 54.99


by Kishor Parkhe

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81 Sections • 165 Lectures • 08:45:11 total length

5-Day Fearless spoken English Workshop by Mayur Soni
$ 22.99

This course has assisted over 15,000 people in speaking English confidently. We designed this course in a workshop format so that you can easily learn and apply what you've learned.

This 5-day journey will boost your confidence like never before!

by Mayur Soni

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5 Sections • 5 Lectures • 04:29:46 total length

I Love My Company by NILESH PATEL
$ 17.99

You will learn Everything about how to be Happy with your work & Company.
Leadership, Time Management, Income, About Positivity & many more topics are included in the Course.


No Review

28 Sections • 28 Lectures • 03:17:24 total length

How To Be Corporate Ready by Richa Maheshwari
$ 17.00

The Corporate Ready course trains you to be fit for a great launch into the corporate world ! There is a world of a difference between the campus world and the corporate world.

by Richa Maheshwari

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8 Sections • 15 Lectures • 02:05:27 total length

$ 105.00

This course is all about Videos.
Starting from the elements of videos, structure of a good video with clear objectives, editing and marketing; every single details has been covered.
It's an end-to-end course, if you wish to learn video marketing.

by Alok Kumar

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8 Sections • 23 Lectures • 03:46:38 total length

Psychology in Shrimad Bhagvad Gita by Purvangi Shukla
$ 28.99

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita is Mythology cum Psychology taught by Shree Krishna to Arjuna while he was in a mental dilemma. While he was facing psychological issues "why". This course also gives the solutions to your psychological problems.

by Purvangi Shukla

4.2 (3)

4 Sections • 6 Lectures • 01:30:36 total length

WWE - Webinar & Workshop Encoding Program by Alok Kumar
$ 139.00

7 Steps to launch your webinar/workshop in 2 weeks.

by Alok Kumar

No Review

14 Sections • 26 Lectures • 04:03:38 total length

Why Do Entrepreneurs Miss The Bus by Santosh Nair
$ 28.99

Every Entrepreneur has a dream. Every Entrepreneur has a role model company in mind which he / she wants to emulate or build, but misses the bus to do so. This then becomes his /her Private Dream.

by Santosh Nair

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1 Sections • 10 Lectures • 03:19:42 total length

$ 139.00

Having own database plays a significant role in creating different levels of products/services for your customers.
The system become easier when done with digital means.
This course comprises of all what you need to expand your business digitally.

by Alok Kumar

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9 Sections • 20 Lectures • 02:28:38 total length

Understanding Investments For a Secured Future by Rajeev Maniar
$ 4.99

Understanding Investments For a Secured Future

by Rajeev Maniar

1.0 (1)

4 Sections • 8 Lectures • 01:43:46 total length

Million Dollar Business Secrets Through A5 System by ARINDAM CHAKRABORTY
$ 79.99

Million Dollar Business Secrets Through A5 System takes you through the 5 steps that will help you to transition your Business into a Sustainable, Scalable one that you may run on an Auto Mode with your minimum intervention.


No Review

9 Sections • 70 Lectures • 07:30:14 total length

Advance Story Telling and Idea Generation Formula by Neha Singh
$ 45.99

In this course you will learn to create mesmerising and memorable stories with importance in our learning and daily life. For each human ideas are essential to achieve goals, we will learn idea generation techniques for different topics.

by Neha Singh

No Review

2 Sections • 9 Lectures • 01:58:38 total length

Shrimad BhagwadGeeta And Timeless Management Techniques by Prof. Sudhir V. Thakur
$ 8.00

Bhagwad Geeta is a universal Book, the problems of all human beings are addressed in it. Management means the coordination of all the resources. Geeta teaches us how to obtain coordination & cooperation of all the sources.

by Prof. Sudhir V. Thakur

5.0 (1)

2 Sections • 12 Lectures • 01:38:11 total length