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Dhan Ki Kheti Hindi by Deepak Dhabalia
$ 32.00

It aims to provide participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed financial decisions and achieve their long-term financial goals.

by Deepak Dhabalia

No Review

16 Sections • 16 Lectures • 02:45:03 total length

Art of Sales Communication by Harshit Shah
$ 17.99

Embark on a transformative journey into the Art of Sales Communication—an immersive video course designed to ignite your sales prowess. Join us to explore dynamic strategies that will redefine how you connect, persuade, and thrive in the world of s

by Harshit Shah

No Review

4 Sections • 6 Lectures • 01:54:29 total length

Mastering the Stock Market by Sawat Ram Choudhary
$ 265.00

"Mastering the Stock Market" video course offers essential insights and strategies for successful trading. From beginner to advanced levels, participants gain expertise in market analysis, risk management, and strategic decision-making.

by Sawat Ram Choudhary

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29 Sections • 29 Lectures • 11:25:03 total length

75+ Classes

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Fluent Mastery - Advance Spoken English by Manoj Bhatt
$ 45.99

Speaking English Fluently is a very important skill in the world today. You must acquire this talent if you want to advance your profession. In this course, I've shown you how to get better at English on your own.

by Manoj Bhatt

5.0 (1)

36 Sections • 59 Lectures • 05:26:27 total length

Communication Skill Mastery by Ansh Bidlan
$ 79.99

This course for build your Communication skill
Relationship building
Attraction marketing
Creat Powerful influence
Team management

by Ansh Bidlan

No Review

30 Sections • 30 Lectures • 03:15:41 total length

The Secrets of Time Management by Dr  CA Umang Ratani
$ 22.99

The Secrets of Time Management -How to work less and achieve more.

Work smarter and not harder.

Know these secrets, work on it and your life will be changed for ever.

by Dr CA Umang Ratani

No Review

4 Sections • 18 Lectures • 01:12:03 total length

Career Management by Parikshit Jobanputra
$ 8.00

Learn science of choosing perfect career

by Parikshit Jobanputra

3.3 (3)

1 Sections • 4 Lectures • 01:54:22 total length

Habit of Going Extra Mile - Hindi by Dr. Jitendra Adhia
$ 22.99

It will teach you the meaning of Extra Mile and benefits of developing this Habit of Going Extra Mile

by Dr. Jitendra Adhia

4.3 (15)

1 Sections • 9 Lectures • 00:55:50 total length

Dhan Ki Kheti English by Deepak Dhabalia
$ 32.00

It aims to provide participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed financial decisions and achieve their long-term financial goals.

by Deepak Dhabalia

No Review

7 Sections • 7 Lectures • 00:33:12 total length

Money Lessons From Bollywood Movies by Deepak Dhabalia
$ 45.99

Money Lessons" is a dynamic video course offering a comprehensive primer on personal finance essentials. Covering fundamental topics like budgeting, saving, investing, and debt management, this course equips learners with practical strategies

by Deepak Dhabalia

No Review

4 Sections • 4 Lectures • 01:13:50 total length

Guiding Lights - Become a Career Counselor by Arzoo Narang
$ 54.99

The "Guiding Lights" provides a comprehensive approach to career guidance, designed to help individuals navigate their professional paths

by Arzoo Narang

No Review

13 Sections • 23 Lectures • 03:32:14 total length

Ultimate Career Strategies by Arzoo Narang
$ 40.00

"Ultimate Career Strategies" is a dynamic video course offering practical advice on How to Choose Subjects, Courses and College for Class 9, 10, 11, 12. Early Career Choice can help your child for Successful and Happy Life.

by Arzoo Narang

No Review

9 Sections • 9 Lectures • 01:48:59 total length

Landing Page Mastery by Pawan Maduriya
$ 28.99

Done For You Landing Page Templates with 20+ Video Lessons.

by Pawan Maduriya

No Review

5 Sections • 22 Lectures • 01:37:51 total length

My Best Edition by Saket Shah
$ 10.99

Discover your best self with 'My Best Edition.' Guided by Saket Shah's 15+ years of expertise, focus on continuous improvement in academics, career, and relationships.
Tap into your capabilities by setting achievable yet impactful milestones.

by Saket Shah

No Review

15 Sections • 15 Lectures • 02:31:02 total length

Miracle Result Mastery by CA. Sanket Jain
$ 17.00

Miracle Result Mastery is a video course that promises to transform your approach to achieving results. The course likely covers strategies for setting and attaining goals, overcoming obstacles, and tapping into your potential.

by CA. Sanket Jain

No Review

16 Sections • 16 Lectures • 01:57:18 total length

Leadership Mastering Success by RAJUL MISTRY
$ 22.99

"Leadership Mastering Success" is a dynamic course focused on honing essential leadership skills. Participants learn effective communication, strategic thinking, and emotional intelligence.


No Review

27 Sections • 27 Lectures • 01:50:23 total length

Jatin Raval's Practical Spoken English Course by Jatin Raval
$ 28.99

Master spoken English with practical exercises. Enhance fluency, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Real-life scenarios for effective communication.

by Jatin Raval

5.0 (1)

34 Sections • 42 Lectures • 09:36:42 total length

Become a Medical Representative Superstar - Your Success Journey by Purti Trivedi
$ 40.00

A Medical Representative video course covers the pharmaceutical industry, product knowledge, sales and communication skills, regulatory compliance, relationship building, market research, time management, objection handling.

by Purti Trivedi

No Review

25 Sections • 25 Lectures • 04:46:14 total length

Ultimate Marketing Course For Business by Ritu Bhardwaj
$ 79.99

Ultimate Marketing Course For Business

by Ritu Bhardwaj

No Review

36 Sections • 36 Lectures • 02:46:32 total length

Art of Chocolate Making From Moulds to Masterpiece by Amishi mehta
$ 84.00

Indulge your senses and embark on a delectable journey into the world of chocolate with our Chocolate Making Course! Discover the art of crafting velvety, mouthwatering chocolates from scratch as you learn the secrets of expert chocolatiers.

by Amishi mehta

No Review

39 Sections • 41 Lectures • 04:03:35 total length