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Learn Garba With Kush Banker by Kush Banker
$ 54.99

Dive into the world of Garba with our celebrity choreographer! This vibrant dance course covers everything from traditional moves to cultural insights. Perfect for all levels, it's a joyful blend of fun and technique that'll have you owning the dance

by Kush Banker

No Review

10 Sections • 10 Lectures • 02:22:43 total length

Sheeshpal Rajput's Yoga Masterclass by Sheeshpal Rajput
$ 10.99

Our Yoga Course is a transformative journey for individuals seeking physical and mental well-being. Explore yoga philosophy, asanas, pranayama, meditation, and more. Cultivate mindfulness, strength, and balance while nurturing a deeper connection to

by Sheeshpal Rajput

5.0 (1)

3 Sections • 32 Lectures • 02:16:49 total length

Learn Harmonium by Mitul Suthar
$ 49.00

In this course, students can learn from very basics of Harmonium including Finger placement techniques, swar knowledge, bollywood songs, basics of Raag with improvement in vocals also

by Mitul Suthar

No Review

10 Sections • 12 Lectures • 02:42:44 total length

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Become a Medical Representative Superstar - Your Success Journey by Purti Trivedi
$ 40.00

A Medical Representative video course covers the pharmaceutical industry, product knowledge, sales and communication skills, regulatory compliance, relationship building, market research, time management, objection handling.

by Purti Trivedi

No Review

25 Sections • 25 Lectures • 04:46:14 total length

Art of Chocolate Making From Moulds to Masterpiece by Amishi mehta
$ 84.00

Indulge your senses and embark on a delectable journey into the world of chocolate with our Chocolate Making Course! Discover the art of crafting velvety, mouthwatering chocolates from scratch as you learn the secrets of expert chocolatiers.

by Amishi mehta

No Review

39 Sections • 41 Lectures • 04:03:35 total length

Accelerate Your Youtube  Channel with Ai by Er. Pardeep Kumar
$ 22.99

Accelerate YouTube with AI involves utilizing various tools such as ChatGPT, Canva, and InVideo to optimize video creation, editing, and engagement. ChatGPT, a language model, can generate video scripts, titles, and descriptions, speeding up

by Er. Pardeep Kumar

No Review

10 Sections • 10 Lectures • 01:56:18 total length

$ 119.00

Mind Mastery for Financial Abundance is a digital course that helps learners develop a success mindset and improve their financial situation. The course covers effective money strategies, tapping into the power of master your mind & become A NEW RICH


No Review

11 Sections • 21 Lectures • 03:29:20 total length

All About Cookies by Jigna Vadhiya
$ 13.00

Learn to bake the perfect cookie the right way! With six different cookies and decorations all from scratch.
Learn all the various techniques of preparing and baking cookies.

by Jigna Vadhiya

No Review

2 Sections • 5 Lectures • 00:51:26 total length

How To Become A Radio Jockey by Dilipp  Jain
$ 54.99

A radio jockey is popularly known as RJ. He or she hosts a radio talk show, podcast, or music show. In simple terms, Radio Jockey is the presenter of a radio programme. The career as radio jockey or RJ is about entertaining and engaging with listners

by Dilipp Jain

No Review

7 Sections • 21 Lectures • 04:19:25 total length

Resin Art by Prerana    Vekariya
$ 17.00

Resin art is a unique style painting unique material where you do not use typical brushes or acrylic paints. It is considered advanced painting for the new age creative crowd. Coasters, frames, keychains, hair accessories, paperweights, tabletop.

by Prerana Vekariya

No Review

8 Sections • 13 Lectures • 01:01:02 total length

How To Make Hygenic Homemade Cake by Jigna Vadhiya
$ 22.99

If you are someone trying this for the first time, please do small batches & practice multiple times.. It will help you get confident in handling & practice makes perfect. Through this online course, you will learn how to make hygienic cake.

by Jigna Vadhiya

No Review

6 Sections • 21 Lectures • 02:55:02 total length

Professional Nail Art by Bhagyashree Soni
$ 45.99

With this course you can set up a good business, and you will be able to make a good income, and it does not require much investment.If you like creativity then this course is best for you.

by Bhagyashree Soni

No Review

10 Sections • 25 Lectures • 04:30:37 total length

Psychology in Shrimad Bhagvad Gita by Purvangi Shukla
$ 28.99

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita is Mythology cum Psychology taught by Shree Krishna to Arjuna while he was in a mental dilemma. While he was facing psychological issues "why". This course also gives the solutions to your psychological problems.

by Purvangi Shukla

4.2 (3)

4 Sections • 6 Lectures • 01:30:36 total length

How to Create Time for yourself? by Alok Kumar
$ 10.99

"Time is Money", we have been hearing since long. If we can create additional time for ourselves within those 24 hours, we can make the best use of it.
We have talked about the TIME WORTH to create better understanding.

by Alok Kumar

No Review

3 Sections • 7 Lectures • 00:08:59 total length

Learn Flute For Beginners by Mitul Suthar
$ 49.00

This course will introduce you to learning flute right from the very basics of holding the flute, blowing techniques to playing swaras, alankars, songs & much more.

by Mitul Suthar

5.0 (1)

10 Sections • 12 Lectures • 02:51:49 total length

Photoshop CC Complete Tutorial in Hindi by Snehesh Dutta
$ 4.99

In this complete Adobe Photoshop CC course, I will tell you each and every photo-editing tool that you need to know as a beginner.

by Snehesh Dutta

No Review

2 Sections • 11 Lectures • 02:54:24 total length

Guitar Culture - A marvelous musical journey by Manya Patel
$ 84.00

Guitar is an instrument which always creates a vibe which is praised by everyone which can always be a good option for freshening up your mind with music . Learn to play Guitar from the beginning through this online course!

by Manya Patel

No Review

11 Sections • 110 Lectures • 04:09:59 total length