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WWE - Webinar & Workshop Encoding Program by Alok Kumar
$ 139.00

7 Steps to launch your webinar/workshop in 2 weeks.

by Alok Kumar

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14 Sections • 26 Lectures • 04:03:38 total length

$ 139.00

Having own database plays a significant role in creating different levels of products/services for your customers.
The system become easier when done with digital means.
This course comprises of all what you need to expand your business digitally.

by Alok Kumar

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9 Sections • 20 Lectures • 02:28:38 total length

Photoshop CC Complete Tutorial in Hindi by Snehesh Dutta
$ 4.99

In this complete Adobe Photoshop CC course, I will tell you each and every photo-editing tool that you need to know as a beginner.

by Snehesh Dutta

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2 Sections • 11 Lectures • 02:54:24 total length

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Python Programming for Beginners [Full Course] by Nishant Tiwari
$ 45.00

In this course, you will learn in-depth every topic of Python and its core concepts with examples.

by Nishant Tiwari

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17 Sections • 30 Lectures • 03:17:07 total length

Shrimad BhagwadGeeta And Timeless Management Techniques by Prof. Sudhir V. Thakur
$ 8.00

Bhagwad Geeta is a universal Book, the problems of all human beings are addressed in it. Management means the coordination of all the resources. Geeta teaches us how to obtain coordination & cooperation of all the sources.

by Prof. Sudhir V. Thakur

5.0 (1)

2 Sections • 12 Lectures • 01:38:11 total length

$ 15.99

Learn how to live Happy, Healthy, Successful, Powerful and Peaceful life with purpose / Goal in Mind, and enjoy the Relationships. Get Relief in many Diseases which really disturb your routine livings..

by Dr. Ketan Dholakia

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5 Sections • 17 Lectures • 02:28:43 total length

Online Course Blueprint by Dhruv Gajjar
$ 28.99

A crash course that will help new or experienced trainer/speakers to create their first Online Course

by Dhruv Gajjar

4.5 (1)

4 Sections • 13 Lectures • 01:35:44 total length

Blockchain Executive Program by Chintan Dave
$ 84.00

The course is a unique opportunity to learn the background of Blockchain, key concepts which influence the design and build of Blockchain, and the 5-4-3 framework of Blockchain.

by Chintan Dave

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18 Sections • 18 Lectures • 06:04:45 total length

ஊக்கத்தின்   அருவி by Priyanka Muddaliyar
$ 49.99

டாக்டர்.ஜித்தேந்ர அடியா அவர்கள் தன்னுடைய அனுபவங்களாலும் மற்றும் மனிதர்களை படித்தும் மனிதகுல வளர்ச்சிக்காகவும் , மனிதன் தன்னுடைய மனதின் சக்தியை பயன்படுத்தி சிறப்பாக வாழவும் முடியும் என்பதை மனிதர்கள் புரிந்து கொள்ள வேண்டும் என்பதற்காக எழுதபட்ட கோர்ஸ்.

by Priyanka Muddaliyar

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1 Sections • 11 Lectures • 03:36:11 total length

The Art of Google Search by Dhruv Gajjar
$ 45.00

Google Search is an amazing platform to find information on the web. Learn about the Powerful Techniques and Advanced tools to help you find the right information in shortest time.

by Dhruv Gajjar

5.0 (2)

8 Sections • 55 Lectures • 04:05:12 total length