Advance Angel Therapy

You will learn how different energies affect your daily life. You will discover how angels can bring inspiration, new ideas & creativity into your life. You will learn all about Archangels. You will be able to offer an Advanced Level Angelic Healing
Hindi Intermediate Sequential Course Certificate Course

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29 Modules • 29 Lectures
Total Length : 09:27:40

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Advance Angel Therapy by Dr Jay Bhavsar

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This is an Extensive Professionally Recognized Training Course that will enable you to become an Angelic Healing Practitioner. The course is very thorough and covers the roles of the Angelic Realm in our lives as well as showing you how to connect with them and work with them.


29 Modules • 29 Lectures • Total Length : 09:27:40
What is Angel Therapy 1 Lectures • 00:13:33

This course Includes

  • Duration : 09:27:40
  • Certificate of Completion

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Start This Beautiful Course With Full Faith & Trust Angel Therapy is a method of spiritual healing by cooperating and talking to your guardian Angels and Archangels from the angel world that takes care of you. They are your personal guardian angels. Their role is to deliver messages which would later help you manage your life in an easier way


Through Angel Therapy, we learn how to communicate with the Angels, Some symbols are used to guide us and tell us that we are on the right path, some symbols are there to warn us that we might be diverting from our life purpose. It’s up to us to recognize the signs and symbols.

There are many angels and archangels, who have different “departments” to handle. Like Archangel Michael for Protection, Archangel Jophiel for matters related to Feminine energies, Archangel Gabriel for Children and Parenting, Archangel Raphael for Healing and more. Learning which angel deals with which issue and how to invoke, requesting that angel is an important step. There are many rituals that are learned in the workshop for strengthening your connection with the angels. Rituals for healing, for protection, for abundance, for happiness. 

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Dr Jay Bhavsar International Spiritual Trainer  Tarot Card Expect & Reiki Grand Master - Lama Fera Master

Dr Jay Bhavsar

International Spiritual Trainer Tarot Card Expect & Reiki Grand Master - Lama Fera Master

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    This course includes

  • Duration: 09:27:40
  • Certificate of Completion
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