Advanced Productivity Guide for Employees

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Advanced Productivity Guide for Employees by Champaka

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Powerful techniques to improve your professional and personal life.

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  • Duration : 03:44:03
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Anyone above the age of 15 years


Everyone in this era are highly productive at their workplace because career is the most important part of life. But do the same people consider their personal productivity as important?

Especially with the new work norms i.e. work from home, it has become a need for employees to be productive, not just at office work but at home, to manage cooking, kids, household chores, work on their interests, hobbies, certifications etc. Many of you might have already faced heat of high demand. 

This course deals with the solution for this demand or problem. There are proven techniques and strategies discussed in this course to improve your productivity, your efficiency and manage time like a pro. The techniques do not even consume extra time. All that it does is, modify the way you have been doing things and save your time and energy.

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    This course includes

  • Duration: 03:44:03
  • Certificate of Completion
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