CorelDraw Mastery

Covering a wide array of topics, the course starts with basic tools and techniques, gradually advancing to more complex features such as advanced drawing, text manipulation, and photo editing.
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23 Modules • 23 Lectures
Total Length : 04:22:56

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CorelDraw Mastery by Rachana Upadhyay

Course outcome

Through structured lessons, hands-on tutorials, and practical exercises, the course aims to empower students to become proficient in utilizing CorelDRAW's tools and features for creating professional-grade designs. Whether beginners or experienced users, the course caters to individuals seeking to enhance their graphic design capabilities, covering fundamental concepts as well as advanced techniques. By the end of the course, learners should be able to confidently navigate CorelDRAW, manipulate text and images, create intricate illustrations, and design various print and digital materials.


23 Modules • 23 Lectures • Total Length : 04:22:56
Introduction pick 1 Lectures • 00:18:26

This course Includes

  • Duration : 04:22:56
  • Certificate of Completion

Advice from trainer

Additionally, the trainer advises learners to supplement their learning with various resources, including tutorials and design theory materials, to deepen their understanding. They encourage students to stay abreast of CorelDRAW updates and seek feedback from peers and mentors to continuously improve their designs. Overall, the trainer's advice underscores the necessity of a proactive and open-minded approach to mastering CorelDRAW, empowering learners to develop their skills effectively and produce captivating designs.


Through a series of engaging video lessons, learners are guided from the basics of navigation and tool usage to more advanced concepts such as typography, color theory, and vector illustration. The course is structured to cater to all skill levels, providing clear explanations and step-by-step demonstrations to ensure understanding and retention. Participants will learn to create captivating designs for a variety of purposes, including logos, posters, brochures, and digital graphics. Hands-on exercises and projects allow learners to apply their newfound knowledge in practical contexts, building confidence and proficiency along the way. Whether aspiring designers, freelancers, or professionals looking to enhance their skills, this course provides a solid foundation in CorelDRAW and equips learners with the tools and knowledge to unleash their creativity in the world of graphic design.

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    This course includes

  • Duration: 04:22:56
  • Certificate of Completion
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