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We all are in this world for a Purpose but most of the time either we don't realise it or we ignore it. But life is too short to live by compromises. So come and learn how can you live your "Passion Oriented Purposeful Life"
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Find your Passion & Purpose by Sanjana Arya

Course outcome

You will learn about different areas to unleash your Passion & Purpose, how to handle failure, concept of Ikigai, etc.

By the end of the session one should be in a position to find their passion, attach their purpose & live a meaningful life.

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  • Duration : 01:23:07

Advice from trainer

An Enthusiasm to do better in life & Positive attitude.


This course will help you overcome your problems of finding your passion & attaching a meaningful purpose to it. People always advice us, follow your heart, follow your passion, but how to do it is a question we all come across.

This course will help you identify the same with very easy & simple steps. It gives clarity of why is it so important in life. We will also learn about how can we handle our failures & use them as a reminder to keep getting better in life instead of being demotivated from the same.

At the end, we will also do an activity that helps you to understand your gaps in different aspects of life & create a plan of action to live life on your terms.

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  • Duration: 01:23:07
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