Introduction To Palmistry (Hindi)

Fundamental Knowledge For Beginners In Palmistry
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12 Modules • 14 Lectures
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Last Updated : 22 Feb 2023 12:04 PM | Created by : Rajendra Badtya
Introduction To Palmistry (Hindi) by Rajendra Badtya

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This course is designed for those who are willing to know everything about themself. This course is also for those who are interested to become a professional Pamistrian. Students will learn the fundamentals of Palmistry which will help them in having clear understanding on things to know before analysing the Palm and also giving the basics, upon which the advance study begins.


12 Modules • 14 Lectures • Total Length : 02:23:33
Introduction to Palmistry (Hindi) 2 Lectures • 00:15:50

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  • Duration : 02:23:33

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Before You Start The Course You Must Carry 1 Magnifying Glass For Study Your Palm.


  • Have you ever thought this...What do the lines on our palm says? What is their importance in our life..Are these lines giving any message of nature? or is it telling the hidden talent within us? Of which we are unaware..
  • Often the question comes in our life: That have we made the wrong choice of our field of work? That our talent is made for some other action.
  • Is this line telling about the main Purpose or Goal of our life?
  • Why are the lines on our two hands are so different? Does if change over time?
  • If yes, than what changes does this bring in oure lives?

In answering to such unique questions I, Rajendra Kumar Badtya bringing for you the Mystical Knowledge of Ancient Spiritual India. Which is called Palmistry. This subject is an important part of Oceanography which is also known as Samudrik Shastra in Hindu Scripture. Which is completely Authentic and Scientifically proven.

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1 year ago

Everybody is aware about the surface level of Pamistry is about main lines. But in this course, Sir explored different aspects of Palmistry and gave us in depth knowledge about the impact of different lines and signs on our hands, palms. I would appreciate if there is a way to send picture of my palm for seeking further clarity in my life.


Rajendra Badtya An Occultists, An Astrologer, Vastu Consultant, Yoga Trainer, and Part time Lecturer.

Rajendra Badtya

An Occultists, An Astrologer, Vastu Consultant, Yoga Trainer, and Part time Lecturer.

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