This course is designed for students, Managers and all ages of people to teach, How to manage life and increase enthusiasm and positive attitude in life to make it enjoyable.
Gujarati Beginner Sequential Course

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9 Modules • 30 Lectures
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The main object of this course is to teach demystifying management lessons hidden in “Vidur Niti”. This Course will support you to develop your total Personality with Value and Ethics. It will enrich your knowledge and skills and motivate you to the highest extend that you will able to develop your Leadership Quality, Communication Skill, Self-Management Skill, and Decision-making power. It will become a Light House for you, which opens new vistas towards the luminous destination. It will manage your life in such a way that you will achieve your Life Goal and your dreams turn into the reality. Your Ability to control your emotions will increase and you become intelligent enough to take correct actions. You will build your separate identity as a great leader or a wise person.

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  • Duration : 02:12:04

Advice from trainer

It is saying that before start to learn any course you must refer some reference books regarding the course. So, while learning the course some fundamental ideas clear in your mind and it support you to preserve your interest during learning the course.Acquired Knowledge is only support,when you implement it in your routine life.Please understand all contents carefully and try to understand massage hidden in.Best Luck for luminous future.


Vidur Niti is a Conversation between wise Vidurji and King Dritrastra about best practices in managing worldly affairs. “Vidur Niti” offers valuable lessons in management. In today’s modern management, where ethical dimensions are talk about, Vidur Niti gives excellent analogies to identify the ethical boundaries. Vidurji explains codes of conduct and how one should act in different situations. He was the brother of the king Dhritrastra and was one of the most important character in the Mahabharata. He was also a great scholar who had devised many theories that can help an individual achieve success in all areas of life. As we all know, achieving success is one of the most difficult things in the world. Not only is success hard to attain, but it is also equally hard to maintain. So, here are the ways through which Vidurji says you can find success, even in the stickiest of situations. Vidur Niti is equally applicable to managers and leaders in organisations

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  • Duration: 02:12:04
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