Master Public Speaking - Become A Confident Speaker

Public Speaking is a skill that connects you to your audience. It is a skill of speaking from the heart which requires passion, and Charisma! This course will teach you the Public Speaking Fundamentals you need to influence any size of the audience and deliver Confident speeches by shifting public speaking fear to a confident mindset.
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4 Modules • 48 Lectures
Total Length : 03:07:41

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Master Public Speaking - Become A Confident Speaker by Nisha Pandhi

Course outcome

*This course is game changer which will shift Public speaking fear to Confident mindset.

* Look comfortable, confident and relaxed in any speaking situation.

*Have higher self esteem and Influence your audience and make them remember your message.

*Learn how to reflect Confident Body language which plays important role in Charismatic personality.

*Learn appearance secret.

*Learn techniques of Voice modulation

*3 powerful techniques to project impactful voice.

*Eliminate biggest distraction in your speech - Filler words

*Meet the goal of your speech, as you will learn to start preparing your speech with the end result.

*Be a story teller

*How to give impromptu speech

*How to prepare yourself for a speech / presentation


4 Modules • 48 Lectures • Total Length : 03:07:41

This course Includes

  • Duration : 03:07:41
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Advice from trainer

Dedication and Willingness to transform yourself into powerful Public Speaker


You will learn to speak without hesitation in front of any size of audience. You will get to the root cause of things that make you fear in Public speaking. Insights of confident mindset and tricks to handle Glossophobia - speech anxiety will be the game changer. Tips and secrets of a good public speaker.

Student Feedback

5.0 Course Rating


Harshika H

1 year ago

Very informative and effective!
Wonderfully explained the importance of "The Shift" technique and self-analysis to be confident and improve the way we communicate. Really liked the style in which everything is explained. Especially liked the vocal warm-up exercises. Glad for taking up the course. Thank You.


Nisha Pandhi

Nisha Pandhi

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    This course includes

  • Duration: 03:07:41
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