Photoshop CC Complete Tutorial in Hindi

In this complete Adobe Photoshop CC course, I will tell you each and every photo-editing tool that you need to know as a beginner.
Hindi Beginner Sequential Course Certificate Course

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2 Modules • 11 Lectures
Total Length : 02:54:24

Last Updated : 16 Sep 2022 12:01 AM | Created by : Snehesh Dutta
Photoshop CC Complete Tutorial in Hindi by Snehesh Dutta

Course outcome

Objectives of this course are:

1) To know the user interface of photoshop

2) Overcome the fear of using Photoshop

3) knowing the elementary functions of Photoshop

4) deep knowledge of the available tools of Photoshop

5) Using practical examples to memorize for a longer time

6) good concept while using Photoshop


2 Modules • 11 Lectures • Total Length : 02:54:24
Introduction to Photoshop & How To Download Photoshop 1 Lectures • 00:05:46

This course Includes

  • Duration : 02:54:24
  • Certificate of Completion

Advice from trainer

To go through this course, you might need a windows desktop or laptop. Things are pretty similar for both Windows and Mac. So feel free to continue this course with any of these two operating systems. It's my suggestion to play this video on a phone or any other device and keep open Photoshop on another device so you can practice while watching the video. And please have patience and complete the full video course. If you complete this video tutorial I am very much sure that you will learn a lot about Photoshop and you will overcome your initial fear.


The objective of this course is to start using Photoshop as soon as possible. In general, beginners fear opening a new software as they don't know how to use that and they are not familiar with its user interface. My best try is to kill your fear of Photoshop in this course. And as you start using it, gradually you will come to know how to use it in a professional way but for that, you need to start using this. And that is the main motto of this course. Through this course, I have not only explained the editing stuff but also demonstrate them with LIVE examples & share some concepts so that, you can gain interest in photo editing & developed your knowledge. So it will be a grate experience for you.

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    This course includes

  • Duration: 02:54:24
  • Certificate of Completion
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