Price Action Course Level - 1

About this Price Action course level 1 Analyze, predict price movements and trade easily. • price is only indicator that tells you everything about the price moment. • Beginners also can do this course there is no need for any experience.
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11 Modules • 45 Lectures
Total Length : 05:24:08

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Price Action Course Level - 1 by NIMISH

Course outcome

You will learn how to read price action, whether the market is up or down you can learn and take the decision accordingly.


11 Modules • 45 Lectures • Total Length : 05:24:08

This course Includes

  • Duration : 05:24:08

Advice from trainer

People who have a burning desire to learn this price action course.


What you'll learn

• You will learn simple price chart.

• You will learn the perfect Time Frame for your Trading.

• You will learn the traditional and effective tools of Price Action

• You will learn price action with logic.

• You will come to know why prices moves up and down.

• We will teach you Supply and Demand levels.

• We will teach you support and resistance levels.

• In this course you will learn 3 different types of price action strategies.

• You will understand double Pin Bar formations.

• You will learn which is the best Moving Average.

• You can set up your own entry exit Stop loss.

• By knowing price action, you will learn how to find opportunities.

• You can learn how to identify trends.

• If you wish to improve your trading and achieve good results then the price action course is for you Buy this course right now!

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  • Duration: 05:24:08
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