Learn how to live Happy, Healthy, Successful, Powerful and Peaceful life with purpose / Goal in Mind, and enjoy the Relationships. Get Relief in many Diseases which really disturb your routine livings..
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5 Modules • 17 Lectures
Total Length : 02:28:43

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Course outcome

The objective of the course is to make participants learn to live Happy, Healthy, Successful, Powerful and Peaceful lives with purpose / Goal in Mind and good relationships. Deep purpose or intention of this course is to make all healthy and diseasefree, spread love and understanding, making all realise about own potentials and capabilities to work for getting desired results in lives.The purpose is to help people in full self expression to cause satisfaction and understand psychology of human behaviour to have good relationships which forms major important part of anyone 's life. The course will provide tools and tips also to make life healthy, happy, powerful, peaceful and successful.


5 Modules • 17 Lectures • Total Length : 02:28:43

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  • Duration : 02:28:43

Advice from trainer

Please Keep the Notebooks and Pen Handy. Attend One Lecture per Seating. Please attend one module only in one sitting to get self deep into the subject, to add maximum ideas from own understanding and get maximum benefit from the course. Always keep some space in between the topics in your notebooks to add whenever you want. You will definitely get ideas to add to the learning from the course and make your life smooth and successful, focused and easy. Use pause button maximally to churn and cherish the subjects of importance. This course will help all types of humans with all categories of personality at any age with any background or any socio-economic status or education.


The course consists of discussions on many important topics for achieving successful life. One module is about understanding of principles of Yogshashtra - as a way of proper living, brief understanding about human body, mind and knowing about self. Another module helps in goalsetting to the deepest possible level and time management. It also includes goal achieving strategies. Then many factors helping and obstructing goal achieving are discussed. Then another module discusses about thought processes, science of emotions, human behaviour, understanding of basic life fundas, some tips and tools, some 'do's and 'don't's to handle negative emotions and converting them into helpful ideas to get desired results in lives. This will cause healthy relationships and make lives happy,powerful, peaceful and successful. This may make all diseasefree in conditions like Diabetes,Hypertension, Jointpains, Skin diseases and many more to participants and people with whom they deal

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