Secret Tarot Formula

This tarot card reading workshop is designed to enhance your thinking level and to become a professional tarot card reader which can also be step to provide guidance answers and solutions to yourself and others too and also you can build a successful
Hindi Beginner Sequential Course Certificate Course

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17 Modules • 99 Lectures
Total Length : 07:27:25

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Secret Tarot Formula by Archanaa Singh

Course outcome

You will learn in this workshop

- what is history of tarot 

- Deep meaning of major and minor arcana cards

-understanding the picture symbol color

- understanding the elements connected with cards

-understanding the numbers and it's ruling planet

-how numerology and tarot are connected

-meaning to each and every suit

- Time prediction

-different types of spread

- some practical case study for practice


17 Modules • 99 Lectures • Total Length : 07:27:25

This course Includes

  • Duration : 07:27:25
  • Certificate of Completion

Advice from trainer

Become a professional tarot card reader

Master your mind and become a spritual counselor

Basic to advance deep understanding in sprituality


Rider Waite tarot card is ancient cards for beginners to become tarot card reader

You can buy this tarot decks from Amazon or Flipkart easily

It will be great having some tea light candle and velvet cloth to spread cards 

And you can also buy crystals to maximize the energies

You have to practice it everyday and make friendship with your cards by shuffling it 

And also you can take guidance yes or no answers to check the cards they are connected with or not 

Feel free to connect for any query

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Archanaa Singh

Archanaa Singh

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    This course includes

  • Duration: 07:27:25
  • Certificate of Completion
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