Spring of Inspiration ignites your inner spark! Explore the power of your mind, especially the subconscious mind, Learn to program it with positive affirmations & visualisation. Unleash inspiration and achieve your goals!
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16 Modules • 59 Lectures
Total Length : 02:57:21

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SPRING OF INSPIRATION by Dr. Jaimin Mansuriya

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Spring of Inspiration is designed to be a wellspring for your creativity and success! This course delves into the two minds you possess: the conscious mind, which makes plans and decisions, and the subconscious mind, a vast reservoir of untapped potential that shapes your reality.

Our objective is to equip you with tools to bridge the gap between these two minds. Through techniques like positive affirmations and visualizations, you willl learn to program your subconscious with empowering beliefs. By aligning your conscious desires with the subconscious power within, you will unlock a wellspring of inspiration to achieve your goals and live a more fulfilling life.


16 Modules • 59 Lectures • Total Length : 02:57:21

This course Includes

  • Duration : 02:57:21
  • 31 articles
  • Certificate of Completion

Advice from trainer

Welcome to "Spring of Inspiration! Before diving in, set clear intentions for what you hope to achieve. Create a dedicated, calm space where you can focus without distractions. Gather your journals & pens to keep organized and engaged throughout. Schedule regular study sessions to stay consistent. Approach each lesson with an open mind, ready to explore new insights about the subconscious mind and its potential. Actively participate in practical exercises to deepen your understanding. Be patient with yourself; personal growth takes time and effort. Finally, embrace this journey with enthusiasm and curiosity. By preparing thoughtfully and engaging fully, you will maximize the benefits of this course and uncover the transformative power of your subconscious mind.


Feeling stuck and uninspired? Spring of Inspiration is your key to unlocking your true potential! This powerful course delves into the fascinating world of mind power, with a particular focus on the incredible potential of your subconscious mind.

Key components of the course include:

Goal Setting and Achievement: You will discover how to set clear, achievable goals and align them with your subconscious desires. This alignment ensures that the subconscious mind works in harmony with conscious efforts, leading to more effective and sustained goal attainment.

Subconscious Reprogramming: The course teaches methods for reprogramming limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that reside in the subconscious. By replacing these with positive affirmations and constructive beliefs, you can transform your mindset and behavior.

Visualization Techniques: You will learn how to create vivid mental images to program the subconscious mind for success. These techniques are powerful tools for achieving specific goals, overcoming obstacles, and enhancing overall well-being.

Creative Problem Solving: The course encourages creative thinking and problem-solving by tapping into the subconscious. You will develop strategies to access your innate creativity and innovation, enhancing your ability to find solutions in various aspects of life.

Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and managing emotions is crucial for personal and professional success. The course covers techniques to harness the subconscious mind's power to improve emotional intelligence, leading to better relationships and decision-making.

Are you ready to unleash your inner spark, awaken your creativity, and achieve your goals? Spring of Inspiration is waiting for you!

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    This course includes

  • Duration: 02:57:21
  • 31 docs
  • Certificate of Completion
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