Stress & Depression -Gujarati

Manage your Stress & Depression Effectively
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Last Updated : 27 Jul 2021 08:01 PM | Created by : Dr. Jitendra Adhia

Course outcome

  1. What is Stress
  2. How to manage Stress
  3. What is depression
  4. How to recognise Depression
  5. Signs & Symptoms of Depression
  6. Who gets Depressed
  7. Causes of depression
  8. Mechanism of D
  9. Diagnosis of Depression
  10. Prognosis of Depression
  11. Treatment of Depression
  12. Prevention of Depression
  13. Myths about Depression
  14. FAQs of Depression

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  • Duration : 01:32:28
  • 6 articles
  • Certificate of Completion

Advice from trainer

  • Everyone who wants to live a Healthy & Happy Life.


Stress is increasing in every age now days.If don't learn how to manage stress we may face dire consequences, including depression and suicide. Here you will learn how the stress is created and how to deal with it, specifically in students.

Student Feedback

4.8 Course Rating


Chintan Raval

3 months ago

useful for me life

CEO Office

4 months ago

Nice one

Shailesh Patel

4 months ago

ખરેખર કેટલીક વાતથી હુ અજાણ હતો. એની મને આજે આપના વિડીયો જોઇને ખબર પડી.
ખરેખર ખુબજ સુંદર વાત થઈ.
તણાવ અને ડિપ્રેશન વચ્ચેનો ભેદ ની ખબર પડી.
ખૂબ ખૂબ આભાર સાહેબશ્રી
મે આપે લખેલ પુસ્તક ખરીધ્યું છે અને મારા બાળકોને પણ વાંચવા માટે પ્રેરણા આપી છે.

jaimin Limbachiya

5 months ago

very good
khub saral ane sundar rite samjava badal abhar thank you so much,
sir tamari energy and stamina aje pan jordar se


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    This course includes
  • Duration: 01:32:28
  • 6 docs
  • Certificate of Completion