Trade Mastery

Untold Secrets of Succesful Traders with 10 Proven Steps to Become a Successful Trader. The course is added with detailed technical analysis courses.
English Sequential Course Certificate Course

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3 Modules • 25 Lectures
Total Length : 16:02:10

Last Updated : 31 Mar 2021 07:47 AM | Created by : Dinoj Damodar
Trade Mastery by Dinoj Damodar

Course outcome

The course is an ultimate solution to become a succesful trader

  • Common Mistakes of Traders
  • Foundation Mind Programming – Mindful Trader
  • Wealth Attraction
  • Thought Focusing
  • Emotional Balancing
  • Belief Changing
  • Setting the Right Mindset
  • Trading Rules and Strategies
  • 40 Money Management Rules
  • 15 Golden Strategies
  • Habits of Successful Traders
  • 10 Steps to Become a Successful Trader
  • Technical analysis

This course Includes

  • Duration : 16:02:10
  • 1 articles
  • Certificate of Completion

Advice from trainer

My dear participants,

Keep a pen and book with you while attending this program

Do each homework on time

Pls write to incase any doubts

Follow each steps you can see your self a stock market money magnet


This is not by any means a technical or fundamental analysis course I created to give you extensive knowledge about stock/commodity/currency market trading, how these instruments function, how to do fundamental or technical analysis, or how you can make quick money from the market. I have been in the market since 2003 in different roles and have seen many traders suffering losses in our country. The pain of such experience drove me to go back in time and unravel the secret behind the success of traders who ended up winning. I want all who go through this course and implement the process mentioned in this course to be consistently profitable in the markets, be happy, and help others know the truth about the markets.

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Dinoj Damodar Life Transforming Coach  & Amazon Best Selling Author

Dinoj Damodar

Life Transforming Coach & Amazon Best Selling Author

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    This course includes

  • Duration: 16:02:10
  • 1 docs
  • Certificate of Completion
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