Understanding Investments For a Secured Future

Understanding Investments For a Secured Future
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4 Modules • 8 Lectures
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Last Updated : 23 Feb 2023 09:57 AM | Created by : Rajeev Maniar
Understanding Investments For a Secured Future by Rajeev Maniar

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The basic objective of this course it to Understand Investment Opportunities available in the present scenario which can actually design a Secured Future to you and your family. We earn for our family - but if we do not plan a secured future for our family and for ourselves -

I firmly believe that we should start investing from the day we start earning. In India we have numerous opportunities & instruments and if we invest regularly and track it, we can have a secured future.

My money should earn - while I am sleeping & it should continuously be growing so it can give me the fruits when I am unable to learn.


4 Modules • 8 Lectures • Total Length : 01:43:46
Introduction 1 Lectures • 00:06:06

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  • Duration : 01:43:46
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Understanding Investments For a Secured Future training is to understand the concepts of investments and the avenues available which we normally avoid. We avoid because of reasons like Lack of clarity, Fear of being cheated & taking calculated Risks.

This program will help you identify the risks one should take for a secured future.


Folks - Today everyone is confused where to invest, how to invest and how much to invest. Each investible instruments has its risks and benefits which we should understand. But not investing looking only at the risks can actually make us work for years till we die. The rate of inflation is running higher and so is our life style.

This video helps us for a step-by-step planning to understand our needs and which instruments to invest and when. It will also help you understand the concept behind each instrument commonly available and how an ideal portfolio should be designed according to the need.

The trainer would be also happy to address and questions if shared.

Happy Learning for Understanding Investments For a Secured Future

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Mitesh Raval

1 year ago

this course does helpful. there are so many videos available on YouTube which gives more and detailed information without paying single bucks. its really money and time wasting course. trainer should be explain meaning of share market terminology and meaning. i think its not helpful for beginners and learners.


Rajeev Maniar

Rajeev Maniar

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  • Duration: 01:43:46
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