All that glitters is Gold if your mind says so...

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All that glitters is Gold if your mind says so... by satyanarayan nayagam

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This e book is about the ways in which we perceive philosophy, religion, situations , people and many more, on an auto pilot mode. From software to surfing, cooking to gardening or dieting to dating all of us have blind spots irrespective of our role and status in the society and more importantly the degree of our intelligence and intellect. This is because each one of us has a unique psyche influenced and programmed by innumerable factors, day in and day out. This book hopefully would help the readers to enhance awareness and explode mental blocks

Being willing to learn allows us to move from a point of view to a viewing point – an expansive place, from where we can see an issue from multiple perspectives. I appeal to the readers to apply ,test and validate the strategies and approaches suggested in this application oriented book in their own life journey.

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satyanarayan nayagam Executive Coach and Lead Facilitator

Satyanarayan Nayagam

Executive Coach and Lead Facilitator

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