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Don't control your Anger but manage it smartly
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What is Anger

What are the dangers of Anger

How to manage Anger

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Anyone who has anger problem and for the anger victim also.


It is said that 70% of the people have anger problem to a certain degree. Most of the people take it as a part of their life and do nothing about it unless it takes ugly turn. There are 2 types of Anger Expressed Anger and Supressed Anger. Suppressed Anger is more dangerous. learn how to manage your Anger.

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R H Kanani

2 months ago

learned a lot

Ashutosh jha

4 months ago

Good content and great delivery

Manohar M

6 months ago

Thought provoking ideas are presented in these videos. I will follow those in my life. Praiseworthy deed sir ji 💐💐💐

Sanjay ujjaliya

1 year ago

यह प्रोग्राम जबरदस्त है मेंने इससे बहुत कुछ सीखा है


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    This course includes
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