Holistic Mindfulness Workout Culture (HMWC)

Holistic Mindfulness Workout Culture (HMWC), a new culture for obesity, overweight, general fitness and stress management brought to you by international holistic fitness guru Dr. RajAshok Shetty (Phd)
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Holistic Mindfulness Workout Culture (HMWC) by Dr. Raj Shetty

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Holistic Mindfulness Workout Culture (HMWC) is a new culture introduced and developed by international holistic fitness Guru Dr. RajAshok Shetty, PhD (alternative medicines) for obesity, overweight, general fitness and stress management. HMWC is based on “4+1= 100 magic on bodies formula” discovered/created by Dr. RajAshok Shetty. As our body comes from nature, it can be termed as product of the nature and hence to sustain this body 24 hours a day ,7 days a week, 365 X 100 days a year we need to give 5 powers which is integrated and is going to be taught to you with the help of 4+1=100 formula (power umber 1. water, 2. Food/nutrition 3. Sleep 4. Oxygen/air + 1. Labor(workout), so 4+1=100 years of life of a human body .

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  • Duration : 09:41:19
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Advice from trainer

·     Consult your Family doctor before following this program.

·     If you are attending/performing early in the morning, then do not start empty stomach.

·     Wear comfortable cloths and walking/running shoes.

·     Keep water within arm’s reach.

·     Stop immediately if have or experience any sort of physical discomfort/pain/resistance and seek medical help.

·     Not to close or lock the door while doing online or offline session.

·  Follow the instructions carefully and don’t overdo any of the exercises shown in the video.


Obesity and health management have become major issues not only in India but world over among children and the elderly. One of the main factors contributing to obesity and unhealthy life is the contemporary or modern lifestyle activities such as non-nutritious food-eating habits, absence of exercise, lack of awareness about fitness and work-related stress. The leads to many physical problems which leads to mental stress and other psychological problems.

Healthy body and mind through fitness can be achieved through a holistic way by training the body, mind and soul. The fitness regimen, a combination of simple physical exercises, yoga, some aspects of martial arts, aerobics, meditation and sleep, and coupled with nature’s elements {air, water, fire or Energy, land(food) and space(movements)} form the basis of holistic way to good health.

Student Feedback

5.0 Course Rating


Binal Bhatt

8 months ago

i have never seen such a detailing of the subject & matter this course is designed in such a manner that anyone can start with zero and become healthy and fit. Dr Raj Shetty Sir's knowledge and experience is of great help for me i was able to reduce weight and shown inches loss in no matter of time as well as i m becoming healthier. i would recommend this course to everyone. i will also going to recommend this course to my near and dearones. everyone who is struggling to become fit and healthy must do this course. thanks again.

Jigna Wankawala

8 months ago

Experience is great. The perfect essence of holistic centre a fantastic way of curing your physical health as well as mental health


Dr. Raj Shetty Holistic Obesity & Wellness Management Trainer

Dr. Raj Shetty

Holistic Obesity & Wellness Management Trainer

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    This course includes

  • Duration: 09:41:19
  • Certificate of Completion
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