Service Multiplier

Here You will know How Exactly Service Multiplier Works All Your Questions will be cleared after watching the course
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Service Multiplier by Santosh Nair

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How to give competitive service & How to Make the customers happy & fulfill their needs.

This course Includes

  • Duration : 03:51:40
  • Certificate of Completion

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Go through this entire video course to learn and understand how to excel in service multiplication so that your brand and its legacy continues for years.


Mr. Nair warns us that growth, scaling up is neither necessary nor mandatory, it is just a Choice that we have when we start an Organization. It is only if we desire to see ourselves and our Organization in a better place in the next 50 to 100 years, despite of having passed away from this World, then only would our Organization be recognized as a Legacy & a BENCHMARK of Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Also through numerous examples he shares the Secrets of how Great Entrepreneurs ensured “SERVICE MULTIPLICATION” for decades.

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    This course includes

  • Duration: 03:51:40
  • Certificate of Completion
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