Why Do Entrepreneurs Miss The Bus

Every Entrepreneur has a dream. Every Entrepreneur has a role model company in mind which he / she wants to emulate or build, but misses the bus to do so. This then becomes his /her Private Dream.
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Why Do Entrepreneurs Miss The Bus by Santosh Nair

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Immerses yourself in each of these chapters, complete the exercises at the end of each chapter, use the tools and techniques on a daily basis and move yourself on the path of Realization, implementation, evolution, Transformation and Liberation.

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There are many reasons why they have missed the bus. Being unaware of these reasons makes Entrepreneurship a pain, suffering and punishment for many. But for the few who have understood and acted upon these Growth Stoppers, Entrepreneurship becomes a source of joy and pleasure.

Being on the mission of Transforming the ecosystem of Entrepreneurship for over 2 decades, these reasons always worried me and the fact that I cannot reach out to the hundreds and thousands of Entrepreneurs in a classroom is the reason why I wrote this book.


However there are 2 challenges to this Private Dream.

1. How can he / she convert this 'Private Dream' into a 'Public Reality'?

2. Most of the role model organization that he / she wants to emulate or build are already - an Auto Pilot Organization which runs on its own / Auto Exponential organization which grows on its own / Auto Transforming Organization which transforms on its own.

The greatness and mammothness of such Auto Pilot/Auto Exponential overwhelms most Entrepreneurs .It is a journey that every Entrepreneur has to take. Some take it and make it. But most entrepreneurs are unable to even start the journey and misses the bus.

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