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7 Steps to Network Marketing Success Online by Rahul Sudan

7 Steps to Network Marketing Success Online is a comprehensive guide that equips individuals with the essential knowledge and strategies to excel in network marketing using online platforms. This product delves into the systematic process of achieving success in network marketing through seven simple yet powerful steps. Each step is carefully designed to leverage the potential of online platforms and maximize results. From establishing a strong personal brand to building a solid online presence, this guide covers various aspects crucial for success in the digital landscape. It offers practical tips, insights, and actionable techniques to effectively leverage social media, content marketing, lead generation, and conversion optimization. Whether you're a novice looking to embark on a network marketing journey or a professional seeking to enhance your online marketing skills, 7 Steps to Network Marketing Success Online is your ultimate resource to thrive in the digital era.

by Rahul Sudan

The Secret of Toppers: A Unique Book for Students by Kishor Parkhe

This is a very good and short book that can be read in one sitting. Those students who aspire to be a topper must read this book. Number-wise points are given. Every topic is deeply thought. Readers are advised to read every point and practically exercise. Read this book, again and again, to keep you energetic and aspirant to be a topper.

by Kishor Parkhe

5-DAY COURSE E-BOOK by Mayur Soni

અમે આ ebbok ને સંપૂર્ણ 5-દિવસના કોર્ષ પ્રમાણે જ તૈયાર કરી છે. દરેક ટોપિકની વ્યાખ્યા, ઉદાહરણ અને પ્રેક્ટિસ તૈયાર કરવામાં આવી છે. આપણે બુકનો ઉપયોગ ટોપિકને સમજવા તથા યોગ્ય પ્રેક્ટિસ કરવા કરીશું. દરેક ટોપિકને સમજી પોતાની રીતે અમુક વાક્યો બનાવવાનો પ્રયત્ન કરીશું જેથી વધારે સારી પ્રેક્ટિસ થઈ શકે. આ બુકમાં બેસિક સાથે અત્યંત કામમાં લાગતાં અને અંગ્રેજી ભાષામાં રોજબરોજ ઉપયોગમાં લેવાતા 50 ક્રિયાપદો તથા સરળ રીતે દરેક ટેન્સને સમજવા ટેન્સ ટેબલ પણ મૂકવામાં આવ્યું છે. આશા છે આ નાની બુક તમારી વધુ સારી ઇંગ્લિશ સ્પીકિંગની યાત્રા માટે ખુબજ ઉપયુક્ત થસે.

by Mayur Soni

How to Convert Strangers into High Paying Customers by Alok Kumar

Sales is what every one wants to get direct revenue. The process of getting sales is tricky and hence this e-book will help you get customers digitally. In 30 days, you will have a system to generate quality leads consistently. What if you get customers reaching out to you strategically rather than you reaching out to them, in a few hours of work per day. Well, that’s what we are gonna do for you.

The strategies mentioned in this e-book is a result of our research across businesses in different industries. It has fetched results for all who have implemented it.

Go for this e-book, if you want to get 5-7 customers per week.

by Alok Kumar


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Choosing the right career by Dr. Jitendra Adhia

Learn how to choose right career

by Dr. Jitendra Adhia