Advance Story Telling and Idea Generation Formula

In this course you will learn to create mesmerising and memorable stories with importance in our learning and daily life. For each human ideas are essential to achieve goals, we will learn idea generation techniques for different topics.
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Advance Story Telling and Idea Generation Formula by Neha Singh

Course outcome

Objective of course is:

To clear interviews with effective answers in form of short stories and brilliant ideas.

To have a successful business deals with growth and expansion by creating stories and generating effective ideas.

To clear examinations with excellent marks by learning techniques of story telling and idea generation.

To help effective communication in daily conversations for homemakers and anyone to get the work done by creating a beautiful story.

To clear Group Discussions and perform well in meetings by knowing idea generation techniques.

This course Includes

  • Duration : 01:58:38
  • Certificate of Completion

Advice from trainer

Stay calm and relax before starting the course.

There should be no distractions while watching the course just like class- room training.

Keep a pen and paper with you and create notes of all the points in each video.

Sit straight, back straight and shoulder straight, learning happens faster.

Watch in continuation and as many times as you start creating beautiful stories.

Watch in the first half of the day preferably because our learning abilities are more active.

Start with a positive and optimistic mindset that we all are born story tellers and we create ideas to simplify.


Task to do after course completion to implement learnings in daily life:

Read one story everyday and generate five ideas everyday.

Create one story everyday and re-read that story, categorise the genre of the story.

Derive more than one moral of the story which you create and make a note of all morals.

Tell that story to any friend and relative and ask their morals and learning from the story which you have created.

Read about how brilliant ideas and discoveries have happened in the history which made our life so convenient.

What do you want to create and how will it make people's life easy.

Think and generate ideas to simplify most concerned area of your own life, you never know you can be next Larry Page who got an idea to simplify search engine, we all know Google.

It was just an idea of Mark Zuckerberg to connect people of university, Facebook is billion dollar company now.

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Neha Singh Winners always find reasons to succeed and losers have excuses to fail!

Neha Singh

Winners always find reasons to succeed and losers have excuses to fail!

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  • Duration: 01:58:38
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