Discover Your Inner Divine BluePrint

This course will take you to self love and self healing journey with various techniques by activating your happy and joyful hormones. With the help of that your will discover your purpose of life, you just need to take one step and one action.
English Intermediate Sequential Course Certificate Course

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2 Modules • 9 Lectures
Total Length : 01:32:26

Last Updated : 16 Sep 2022 12:01 AM | Created by : Neha Singh
Discover Your Inner Divine BluePrint by Neha Singh

Course outcome

Objective of the course is:

To create beautiful life for yourself and people around.

To know the purpose of this beautiful life on the planet Earth.

To stay in present moment and seize the day.

To help planet Earth by knowing the purpose of our life.

Live a Healthy life by knowing we can Heal Thyself (Healthy- Self)

While we create illness, only we have the power to create wellness mind and body.

To discover your superpower and that is YOU.

To unleash the hidden powers and discover the BluePrint of life on Earth.

To discover love and healing which is inside us and the more we share, the more we have.

To eliminate time-wasters form our routine and limited time we have on this planet Earth.

To unleash the Divine inside.

This course Includes

  • Duration : 01:32:26
  • Certificate of Completion

Advice from trainer

Stay calm and relaxed, rested well.

There should be no distractions while watching the course just like class- room training.

Keep a pen and paper with you and create notes of all the points in each video.

Sit straight, back straight and shoulder straight, learning happens faster.

Watch in continuation and as many times as you start questioning your habits and lifestyle.

Watch in the first half of the day preferably because our learning abilities are more active.

Start with a positive and optimistic mindset that we all are born to stay healthy and happy always, that's our true nature. We have specific purpose, one can only achieve when we are happy.

Pause to answer the questions and make a note with validating examples.


This course is designed after extensive research and many practical experiments which suggests that we all are here on this planet with some purpose. To enjoy life in holistic manner by helping people. There are few examples of Dr. Joe Dispenza who has healed himself after major accident and every doctor in this world has suggested him a surgery. he refused and with power of his mind and body, he has healed himself and shared the secrets with the world. While taking this example, in today's time when we have loads of information overload and distractions. This course is simplified and easily understood by even a small child or any person of any age that they have hidden powers inside and we just need to remove layers of distractions and fear. How we can do that is beautifully explained the complete course.

After watching complete course, you need to start implementing the suggested activities daily and you will discover Divine BluePrint.

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Neha Singh Winners always find reasons to succeed and losers have excuses to fail!

Neha Singh

Winners always find reasons to succeed and losers have excuses to fail!

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  • Duration: 01:32:26
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